A Corbett house in Catford. Corbett houses more typically had geometric designs but this design was based on some original looking panels in the Corbett area (see picture below). In this design the slightly heavy cross shape was removed and infilled with roundels in the small panels and leafy shapes in the 2 large door panels. Panels in a matching style were designed for the fanlight, 2 side fan and side panels. On the main door panels the bar line was adjusted slightly to avoid cutting throught he roundels. Many people choose masses of colour in their panels but well chosen clear glasses can be very beautiful. The skill lies in choosing glasses that catch the light in different ways creating a sense of movement and features that 'sparkle'!
Ref: vf12
Ref: vf12b
In clear glass work a mix of old and new glass works well. Older glasses have deeper embossment where new glasses are flater. Even on a cloudy day these glasses light up.
Ref: vf12c