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This panel is a section of a larger Victorian panel saved from St Margarets Church Plumstead before it was demolished. You can see some fantastic photos of the old church here. The panel is now in St Margaret's CE Primary School where it is framed and backlit in a lightbox. Like many church panels the panel has been made with beautiful handmade glasses in strong colours and the seeds, bubbles and gentle irregularities all add to the liveliness of the glass. The panel came in for repair as one section of the blue robe was badly cracked. Fortunately this was replaced without any dismantling and a good colour match obtained. Below are close ups of the the original painted glass showing a variety of painted motifs and elegant detail. The text at the base of the panel reads "Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace" and comes from the Song of Simeon. The new piece was painted by Flora Jamieson.

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