St Nicholas Church, Kidbrooke.
The brief for this new work was something traditional, not figurative and that would blend well and not overpower the lovely mural by Hugh Powell painted in autumnal colours. The idea of the repeating geometric glazing pattern, used in medieval Churches and Cathedrals, was adapted to show one of the symbols of St Nicholas, the 3 gold coins. The glass used was all handmade and came from Poland, Germany, England and France. The English glass you can see in between the blue square borders and the olive green petal motif (rel05c). This glass is pale green Venetian and was made specially for the panels at St Nicholas Church by The Antique English Glass Company. As a practical means of protection the metal grills were reinstalled in front of the panels but sprayed pale grey to make the grill effect less obvious. If you would like to visit this church please contact the Rev. Tim Linkens at
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