This lovely design is not mine but spotted by a customer as an embroidery below. The panel was a gift for their mother who worked in a flower shop and whose favourite colour rose was yellow. With any design not your own you need to check the copyright and ask permission to reproduce. This proved to be quite a trail; the photo was posted on a flicker site and the lady who posted the image got it from a magazine. She looked through her magazines and found the image in Australian Patchwork and Quilting 2002. The quilt was made by Helen McLean and Gwen Benallack quoted as the designer. I then did a search for the name in Australia and found an artist with the same name, no direct email contact but part of a painting group. I contacted the group and finally got the permission of a very surprised Gwen Benallack who did the design some years ago for her cousins business, Heirloom Quilts. Gwen is clearly a multi talented artist!
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